Dennis' Favorite Links
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The Coin Box Dad's Ebay Store. You know dad, he has tracked down the best suppliers. So if you collect coins……Check it out !
The Ultimate Garage Co. Talk about some cool stuff !!! Diana's dad is involved in marketing the "Dream" Garage. Check out their site and if you have any questions, contact him.
audiograbber This software allows you to convert your Music CD's into MP3's so you can build your own digital jukebox. I did ! The software used to be inexpensive and now it is FREE !!! Best of all, it is easy to use !
Audiograbber requires an MP3 encoder to convert to MP3's. We use LAME.
winamp This is a free MP3 player. I have had good luck with it.
musicmatch This company offers a basic MP3 player for free. Their Plus version is relatively inexpensive and has a lot more features. OpenOffice is an open-source office suite which they sum up best with the following quote:
" is both an open-source application and project. It is free. The product is a multi-platform office productivity suite compatible with all major file formats."
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